AEMK Systems, Inc specializes in high speed, vision based robotics for the manufacturing, processing, and automation industries. We are located in the city of Waterloo, in the heart of Canada's "Technology Triangle"; also Canada's hotbed of leading innovation and talent.

AEMK Systems, Inc. was established in 2006 to commercialize the results of more than 5 years of research at the University of Waterloo spearheaded by AEMK founder and President Dr. Amir Khajepour. Starting in 2001, he set out with a vision to develop a cost effective high speed vision based robot. A design then not available to suite a broad range of industry. Key criteria to be achieved were low cost, high performance, simple integration, and a robust zero maintenance design.

The result is the patented DeltaBot™. An innovative cable actuated Delta style design that can be manufactured rapidly thereby hitting the market price points where robots were traditionally not viable. In addition to attractive pricing, the DeltaBot™ also provides superior performance, accuracy, and reliability.

AEMK Systems, Inc. now employs a core group of automation professionals with the proven credentials needed to ensure exceptional customer satisfaction and loyalty.

our mission

AEMK Systems, Inc. will provide technically advanced, on-time, complete robotic solutions that benefit manufacturing, processing, and automation sectors.

Based on the focus and skill of our team members, and in partnership with our customers, our products will evolve in a dynamic atmosphere which will continually meet the needs of an expanding marketplace.

We will share a vision to become market leaders, anticipate customer requirements, and implement strategies to ensure our customers' expectations are exceeded.

Our success will be realised by attracting, retaining, and motivating the industry's highest caliber individuals that demonstrate respect, integrity, and commitment.

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