Food processing and packaging

DeltaBot™ is available in food grade and wash down designs for packaging and processing of various food products. Everything from onions to apples, cookies to frozen products and fresh vegetables, DeltaBot™ and its zero footprint design is particularly well suited to food handling. DeltaBot™ delivers the high throughputs, gentle and accurate product handling, and strict hygienic standards demanded by the food processing industry.

Flexible sorting, packaging, and assembly feeding

DeltaBot™ is the ideal solution when high production rates, accuracy, and flexibility are required in many sorting, packaging and assembly feeding applications. Sample industries include consumer products, medical & pharmaceutical, electronics and automotive. DeltaBot™ delivers the promise of low cost and zero maintenance.

Vision-based Inspection and Automation

DeltaBot™ is available with integrated vision systems and conveyor tracking. This can eliminate the need for fixtures and dedicated material handling devices, resulting in more economical and versatile solutions. Examples include parts inspection, feature detection, component identification, sorting and recycling stations.

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