Who we are

AEMK Systems is a specialist in premium delta robots for a broad range of industries.

We have served industries from assembly, food, packaging, to horticulture take their operations to the next level. We believe in providing the highest quality delta robots on the market built exclusively from premium materials, capable of lifting unmatched payloads while being affordable and custom-built to suit nearly any application. We strive to ensure exceptional customer satisfaction and loyalty, and to provide outstanding customer service with industry-leading warranty on all of our robots.

Our History

We began our journey in a research lab at the University of Waterloo, Canada’s leading institution for technology and innovation. In 2001, we set out with a vision to develop a premium, cost-effective delta-style robot with simple integration and a robust zero-maintenance design. AEMK Systems was established in 2006 to commercialize the 5 years of research conducted by our founder and president, Dr. Amir Khajepour. Today, over 13 years later, we continue to seek excellence in everything we do and every customer interaction we have, to deliver on our promise of outstanding service and uncompromising workmanship.

What we do

The manifestation of our shared vision is the patented DeltaBot Cable, and our signature DeltaBot Carbon. Both of these delta robots combine the highest quality craftsmanship, a robust design requiring no maintenance, and offer simple integration – all in an affordable, cost effective package. As we strive to continually meet the needs of a rapidly growing industry, DeltaBot’s product line will continue to evolve and exceed our customers’ requirements and expectations.

How to reach us

160 Frobisher Drive, Unit #14
Waterloo, Ontario, N2V 2B1